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An Interface to the Ada95 Compilation Environment

ASIS Working Group (ASISWG)
ASIS Rapporteur Group (ASISRG)

ASIS is now available as ISO/IEC International Standard!!

ISO/IEC 15291:1999 Information technology — Programming languages — Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)

The ASIS Standard is available via the ISO Catalog at http://www.iso.org/iso/en/prods-services/ISOstore/store.html; the ASIS specific reference is located at http://www.iso.org/iso/en/CatalogueDetailPage.CatalogueDetail?CSNUMBER=27169&ICS1=35&ICS2=60&ICS3=&scopelist=.

ASIS Standardization Announcement/Acknowledgements

ASIS Tutorials

We encourage all newcomers to ASIS to begin with the ASIS Tutorials.

Please avail yourself of this information. Also useful from a tutorial perspective is a variety of information from STC'99 and SIGAda'98. STC'99 included a PowerPoint presentation on ASIS (513 KBytes); SIGAda'98 included a workshop, a tutorial, a paper on the use of ASIS for assessing safety-critical requirements, and a joint SAFEWG/ASISWG BoF.

ASIS Web Site Contents

  • ASIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Background on ASIS
  • Background on the ASIS Working Group (ASISWG)
  • Background on the ASIS Rapporteur Group (ASISRG)
  • Historical Notes on ISO Standardization

  • ASIS Specification, Tutorials, Documents and Artifacts
  • ASIS Program View Layer (PVL) for ASIS 83 (food for thought for ASIS 95)
  • ASIS Bibliography
  • ASIS-related presentations at conferences (Ada-Europe, SIGAda, Software Technology Conference, Tri-Ada, and WAdaS)
  • ASIS-related articles and papers published in periodicals
  • ASIS Tutorials including information about a Secondary Library
  • ASIS Implementations, Products, and Services

  • JSIS: Java Semantic Interface Specification

  • Upcoming ASIS Meetings and Events
  • Highlights and Minutes of past ASISWG/ASISRG Meetings

  • Who's Involved?
  • "This is great! How do I become involved?"

  • Upcoming ASISWG/ASISRG Meetings and Events

    For additional information on the ASISWG and/or ASISRG, contact the chairman:

    Bill Thomas
    The MITRE Corporation
    7515 Colshire Drive
    McLean, VA 22102-7508
    Phone: (703) 983-6159
    FAX: (703) 983-1339
    Email: BThomas@MITRE.Org

    ASIS Implementations, Products, and Services

    The following provide ASIS Implementations.
  • Ada Core Technologies
  • Aonix
  • DDC-I, Inc.
  • OC Systems, Inc.
  • Rational Software Corporation
  • The TenDRA Project
  • The following have ASIS-based Products.

  • Aonix
  • DCS Corporation
  • Dynamics Research Corporation
  • General Research Corportaion
  • Little Tree Consulting
  • Loral Defense Systems
  • Mark V Systems
  • McKae Technologies
  • Odyssey Research Associates, Inc.
  • Rational Software Corporation
  • SofTools, Inc
  • The following have publically available ASIS Applications with source code.

  • Adadep and Adasubst (written by Jean-Pierre, Adalog)
  • Ada 95 Pretty Printer (written by Armin Descloux and Jorg Kienzle, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
  • ASIS 2 XML (written by Simon Wright)
  • Auto_Text_IO package (written by Stephen Leake)
  • Avatox: Ada, Via Asis, To Xml
  • Gnat CHecker (written by Vitali Kaufman, Finland)
  • ObjectAda Toolkit (written by Steve Blake, Aonix)
  • AdaBrowse (written by Thomas Wolfe)
  • The following provide ASIS-based Services.

  • Adalog
  • Commercial Software Solutions, Ltd
  • Pyrrhus Software

  • Becoming Involved


    ASISWG/ASISRG maintains two electronic mail forums: one for general ASIS information and one for technical discussions about ASIS itself. To have your email address added to one or both of these forums, send email to either:

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    subscribe SIGAda-ASIS Your Name


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    You will then be contacted by the list owner, Clyde Roby, who will request the contact information listed above in a separate email messsage.

    To be removed from any list, send an email request to:


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    Who's Involved?

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