HIGHLIGHTS of the November 1995 ASISWG/ASISRG Meeting

From 2-4 November 1995, the Ada Semantic Interface Specification Working Group (ASISWG) and the Ada Semantic Interface Specification Rapporteur Group (ASISRG) met at Thomson Software Products in San Diego, California, USA. An ASIS Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) was held on 6 November 1995 in conjunction with Tri-Ada'95. Highlights from these meetings include:

  1. The primary goal of the ASISWG/ASISRG meeting was to produce the first ASIS 95 specification suitable for release to the public for comments. The ASIS specification for Ada 95, version 2.0.D was updated to ASIS 95 2.0.E which was prepared for public distribution at Tri-Ada'95. Disks containing ASIS Version 2.0.E were distributed on 6 November at the ASIS Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF). The following write-up appeared in the Tri-Ada'95 Trip Report:

    The first public draft of ASIS Version 2.0.E for Ada95 was provided at the ASIS BoF on Monday evening on a floppy disk. This draft addresses the Ada95 capabilities including its new objected oriented features. Comments were solicited on the new specification, especially on support for OO. Also on the disk distributed were the ASIS FAQ, ASIS tutorials (for ASIS83), and a paper on the ASIS implementation for the Ada95 GNAT compiler. ASIS users were available to answer questions from the conference attendees.

    The ASIS BoF was well attended. Over 100 ASIS disks were distributed at Tri-Ada'95.

  2. The Ada Community is asked to look at the ASIS 2.0.E and provide comments to ASISWG/ASISRG. The ASIS specification is available via ftp on the sw-eng.falls-church.va.us host on the public/AdaIC/work-grp/asiswg directory or via the WWW ASIS Home Page at the http://www.acm.org/sigada/wg/asiswg/ URL. Comments should be sent to the ASIS technical mailing list at the ASIS-Technical@SW-Eng.Falls-Church.Va.US email address. We would like to specially encourage those with a strong background in object-oriented technology and WWW technology to review the specification and suggest improvements to better support these technologies.

  3. ASISWG/ASISRG has been working very closely with the University of Moscow implementation of ASIS for the GNAT Ada 95 compiler. Their experience has been a valuable input for evolving the ASIS specifications to support Ada 95 for lightweight library environments and the development of the ASIS Library Model. An initial version of the prototype implementation of the ASIS interface for the GNAT compiler has been already implemented and was demonstrated at Ada-Europe'95. A paper describing the goals, problems, and implementation strategy of ASIS for the GNAT compiler will be included in the March/April 1996 issue of Ada Letters. A partial prototype of the ASIS implementation will be available in early 1996.

  4. ASISWG/ASISRG members were excited about the Tri-Ada'95 demonstration of the Intermetrics Project Espresso. The demonstration used AdaMagic (TM) based technology to translate Ada 95 code to J-Code for interpretation by Java capable browsers. As the AdaMagic for Java uses the same semantic analysis phase as their validated Ada 95 compiler, their ASIS interface would significantly expand the potential of ASIS to support code analysis for applications to be executed over the World Wide Web.

A very special thanks to all the folks who helped evolve the ASIS specification to what it is today. The next meeting will be held at Harris Computer Systems in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the United States from 11-12 March 1996. The subsequent meeting will be held in conjunction with Ada-Europe'96 on 10 June 1996 in Moutreux, Switzerland. An ASIS Panel is planned as part of the Ada-Europe'96 conference.

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