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ASIS at Washington Ada Symposium 1997

ASIS 95 Panel
Roll Your Own Analysis Tools
McLean, Virginia USA
ASIS = Ada Semantic Interface Specification
(an Interface to the Ada95 Environment)

Chaired by Mr. Currie Colket, Chairman ASIS Working Group/Chairman ASIS Rapporteur Group.

Panelists:      Dr. Joyce Tokar, DDC-I
                       Technical Presentation on ASIS 95 Interface

                Dr. Bill Thomas, MITRE
                       Rolling Your Own Tools Using ASIS

                Dr. Herm Fischer, Mark V Systems
                       Roll Your Own Tools from ObjectMaker Experience

  1. "ASIS 95 Panel: Roll Your Own Analysis Tools" -- Mr. Currie Colket provided an overview of ASIS, its history, and its role in developing tools to support the Ada software engineering environment. He also provided the perspective from the point of view of both ACM SIGAda's ASISWG and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 WG9's ASISRG. There are slides in PowerPoint form (375 Kbytes).

  2. "Technical Presentation on ASIS 95 Interface" -- Dr. Joyce Tokar, DDC-I, gave a technical overview of the ASIS interface for Ada 95. The ASIS interface is a set of packages which offer a means to query the Ada environment for syntactic and semantic information. There is a presentation in Corel version 7 (271 Kbytes) and an outline in text form (4 Kbytes).

  3. "Rolling Your Own Tools Using ASIS" -- Dr. Bill Thomas, MITRE, discussed how one can develop their own analysis tools using ASIS.

  4. "Roll Your Own Tools from ObjectMaker Experience" -- Dr. Herm Fischer, Mark V Systems, discussed how a major part of ObjectMaker, originally developed over six years, was redeveloped in less than a week's worth of effort. These slides are available as a Microsoft Word 6.0 file (17 Kbytes) and as a PostScript file (17 Kbytes).

Panelist Addresses

Mr. Currie Colket
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
2451 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22245-5200 - USA
Phone: +1 (703) 602-1483
Fax:   +1 (703) 602-6805
Email: Colket@ACM.Org

Dr. Joyce L. Tokar
Phoenix, AZ
Email: jlt%ddciiphx@uunet.uu.net  OR  Tokar@IBM.Net

Dr. Bill Thomas
The MITRE Corp.
1820 Dolley Madison Blvd.,  M/S W624
McLean, VA  22102
Phone: (703) 883-6159
FAX:   (703) 883-1339
Email: BThomas@MITRE.Org

Herm Fischer
Mark V Systems
Email: Fischer@MarkV.Com

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