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at Ada Europe 95

ASIS Presentation at Session 5. Language 2.

On Wednesday, 4 October 1995, at the Language 2 (Session 5), chaired by K. Mangold of ATM Computer, there will be a presentation relating to ASIS. It will start at 9:00 and the presentation is titled, "ASIS for GNAT: Goals, Problems and Implementation Strategy", authored by S. Rybin and E. Zueff of Moscow State University and A. Strohmeier of the Swiss Federal Institite of Technology in Lausanne.

ASIS Workshop

An ASIS Workshop is scheduled to be held on Friday, 6 October 1995, from 9:30 to 17:30. The name of the Workshop is:

ASIS for Ada 95:
Open problems, implementation strategies and application needs

Sergey Rybin (rybin@alex.srcc.msu.su),
Eugene Zueff (zueff@such.srcc.msu.su),
Alfred Strohmeier (alfred.strohmeier@epfl.di.ch)
Contact: Dr. Sergey Rybin
Moscow State University - Scientific Research Computer Center
Vorob'evi Gori - Moscow 119899, Russia
Fax: (095) 938 2136

Fee per participant: 500 FF - Lunch included

Deadline for position papers: August 20, 1995

Workshop Overview

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together ASIS providers, especially compiler vendors, and ASIS users, i.e. tool builders and application programmers, both from industry and academia, to discuss issues related to the definition and implementation of ASIS for Ada 95. Part of the morning session may consist in a tutorial for newcomers to ASIS. The organisers may also present shortly their experience with the on-going implementation of ASIS for GNAT.

What is ASIS?

The Ada Semantic interface Specification (ASIS) is an interface between an Ada library (e.g. a set of Ada source files) and any tool requiring information in this library. The full syntax and semantics of the information contained in the library is available through this interface. ASIS has been designed to be independent of underlying compiler library implementations; thus supporting portability of CASE tools while relieving users from having to understand the complexities of an Ada compiler library's internal representation of data. Clients of ASIS are shielded and free from the implementation details of each Ada vendor's proprietary library and intermediate representation. ASIS is a layered vendor-independent open architecture. Examples of tools that benefit from the ASIS interface include: automated code monitors, browsers, call tree tools, code reformatters, coding standards compliance tools, correctness verifiers, debuggers, dependency tree analysis tools, design tools, document generators, metric tools, quality assessment tools, reverse engineering tools, re-engineering tools, style checkers, test tools, timing estimators and translators. The current ASIS specification is Version 1.1.1. to Ada 83. The ASIS Working Group intends to evolve ASIS for Ada 83 into ASIS for Ada 95.

Some open issues:

Position papers

Interested individuals are invited to contact the workshop organisers as soon as possible and to submit later on a position paper, indicating their specific interest in ASIS, and their possible contribution to the workshop. Contributions to the evolution of ASIS and its implementation are especially welcome. We would also like to know if an introductory tutorial should be given. Please state also all your other ideas and wishes for the definitive content of the workshop. Deadline of submission is August 20, 1995. Authors of selected papers may be asked to present their paper and to extend it for inclusion in a special issue of a journal.

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