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ACM SIGAda’s High Integrity Language Technology
International Workshop on
Model-Based Development and Contract-Based Programming
as part of Embedded Systems Week (ESWEEK)

Organized by SIGAda, ACM’s Special Interest Group on the Ada Programming Language.

October 6-7, 2016 — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Our Social Event at Six Penn Kitchen

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High integrity software must not only meet correctness and performance criteria but also satisfy stringent safety and/or security demands, typically entailing certification against a relevant standard. A significant factor affecting whether and how such requirements are met is the chosen language technology and its supporting tools: not just the programming language(s) but also languages for expressing specifications, program properties, domain models, and other attributes of the software or overall system.

The HILT 2016 Workshop is focused on the synergy between Model-Based Development and Contract-Based Programming, producing a formal model-driven approach to the development of high-assurance software-intensive systems. An important output of this formal model-driven approach is code that preserves explicit representations, in the form of contracts (such as pre- and post-conditions), of the safety and security requirements of the software. This depends on having formalized representations of at least some of the high-level requirements of the system, and allows for consistency checks and assurance case evaluation at every level of development, from the high-level architecture, through the coding and testing of the individual software components of the system. This formal approach also enables verification of system requirements and consistency throughout the integration of the components to physically build the system.

The HILT 2016 Workshop will provide a forum for communities of researchers and practitioners from academic, industrial, and governmental settings, to come together, share experiences, and forge partnerships focused on integrating and deploying tool and language combinations to support a formal approach to model-based development. The workshop will be a combination of presentations and panel discussions, with one or more invited speakers. We are soliciting full papers and extended abstracts for those wishing to make presentations at the workshop. Attendees may register for only the HILT 2016 Workshop, or may register for an ESWEEK conference as well.

Workshop Submissions

The deadline for technical submissions is now closed. Please check here periodically for up-to-date information about the conference program.

Workshop Invited Speakers

The conference will feature invited presentations from leading experts in language technology and high-integrity systems.

Invited Speakers

John Knight
 Your program is more complicated than you think: System Assurance and the Real-world Semantics of Software
University of Virginia

Bernard Dion
 40 years of experience in HIL languages in 15 minutes
ANSYS Systems Business Unit

Phil Koopman
 Challenges in Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Validation
Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

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