Jean-Pierre Rosen
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Jean-Pierre Rosen
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Jean-Pierre Rosen graduated from ENST (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications) in 1975, and attained the PhD in 1986. He started as a software engineer at the computing center of ENST. After a Sabbatical at New York University on the Ada/ED Project, he worked as Professor at ENST, where he was responsible for the teaching of Software Engineering and Ada.

He has now formed Adalog, a company specialized in high level training, consultancy, and software development in the fields of Ada and associated technologies (software engineering, object oriented methodologies).

J-P. Rosen is Chairman of the AFNOR (French standardization body) group for Ada, and a member of the ARG (Ada Rapporteur Group), the group of experts in charge of maintenance and evolution of the language. He was a member of the expert team who controlled the development of the validation suite for Ada 95.

He is the author of "Méthodes de Génie Logiciel avec Ada 95" (Software Engineering Methods with Ada 95) and "HOOD: an industrial approach for software development".

He can be reached via email at rosen at

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