Conference Grants for Educators to Attend SIGAda 2008
SIGAda 2008
Conference Grants for Educators
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October 26-30
Portland, Oregon, USA

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The ACM/SIGAda Conference Grants program is intended to help educators introduce, strengthen, and expand the use of Ada in secondary school, college, and university curricula. We welcome a proposal from anyone whose goals meet this description.


Travel funding is not included in the conference grant program, but see below regarding travel grants sponsored by AdaCore, which can be combined with conference grants.

How to Propose:

In order to be considered for a conference grant, prepare a brief proposal and send it by e-mail by 17 October 2008 to
Prof. Michael B. Feldman
The George Washington University (ret.)
Department of Computer Science
Washington, DC 20052

Email: MFeldman at GWU.Edu

The proposal should contain three specific items:

  1. Cover Letter: A cover sheet with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (if available). It should be stated that you would not be able to attend the conference without the support of this grant. It would be useful to obtain a statement from the appropriate department chair or dean, to the effect that he/she has read and supports your propsal, including assurance that the necessary travel funds will be made available to you if the grant is awarded.
  2. Proposer’s Statement (500 words maximum): A statement of the proposer’s background, environment, and plans.
    • Environment : The current curriculum in your institution
    • Plans: What you plan to do with Ada in the curriculum and how these plans relate to the current environment in your school
    • Background : The relevant experience that you bring to the plans
  3. Course Selection: State which tutorial(s) or workshop(s) you would like to attend, and if it is not obvious, the relevance of these courses to the plans above.

Evaluating Proposals:

All proposals will be evaluated by educators who teach and use Ada in their curricula. Proposals will be evaluated on: Notification of Award decision will be made by email within a few days of receipt of proposal. Grantees will receive instructions for on-line registration. Registration using the award instructions will be accepted until 22 October 2008.

Grants for AdaCore's GNAT Academic Program

Faculty and students at institutions that are members of AdaCore's GNAT Academic Program are eligible for a $300-per-person grant to support travel to the conference. Please contact Tracey Gilbert (gap-contact at for more information.

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