Asian Indian Cultural Dance


Ms. Saumya Vats will perform the Bharat Natyam dance

Youthful Saumya Vats is dedicated to Bharata Natyam, and her dance reflects that. Dance is her yoga and meditation, her way to communicate with the divine. In her unique dance presentation, Saumya skillfully weaves abstract notions of joy, beauty, religion, value, and myth. Art must always reflect the spirit of the artist: all true art is deeply imprinted by the spirit of the person who creates it. Saumya strives to learn and perform the most intricate dance movements, and she is lovingly nurtured by her Guru, Niveditha Bhaskara and Dr. Suman Sharma in her endeavor. Saumya is a rare combination of talent, dedication, commitment, and hard work. Recently her exclusive performance at the John F. Kennedy Center of Performing Arts was tremendously triumphant.

Bharata Natyam is an artistic yoga (Nathya Yoga) that reveals the spiritual through the corporeal. It is the most popular form of Asian Indian classical dance and is also the most ancient of all the classical dance forms of India. It is based on Natyashastra. Bharata Natyam is the classical dance form from the state on Tamil Nadu in India. Its origin is traced back through the centuries to the temples of ancient India, where it was performed as a ritualistic form of worship. It is intricately bound with Hinduism, in particular with Hindu myths and customs. Visually, it is a dynamic style of dance, yet innately graceful. Each dance is further subdivided into a corresponding bhava or emotional mood, raga or melody, and tala or rhythm.

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