TRI-Ada '95 Tutorial Schedule

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Morning Afternoon Morning Afternoon
S1 Ada Design - Marina 2 M1 Intelligent Systems and Ada 95 - Embassy Ballroom NW
S2 Ada-Based Personal Software Process - Marina 3 M2 Advanced Object-Oriented Features and Programming in Ada 95 - Avalon
M2 Advanced Object-Oriented Features and Programming in Ada 95 - Pacific M3 Hypertext, Hypermedia and the Web - Marina 1
S3 ADEPT - Ada Distributed Execution and Partitioning Tools - Marina 4 M4 Software Architecture and Iterative Development Process - Marina 4
S4 Design of Concurrent Software - Marina 1 M5 Implementing Concurrent Programs in Ada 95 - Coronado
S5 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Ada 95 with Colbert's Object-Oriented Software Development Method - Avalon M6 Teaching Object Programming with Ada 95 - Embassy Ballroom SW
S6 Object-Oriented Programming in Ada 95 using GNAT - Coronado M7 Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model and Assessment - South Ballroom B
S7 Teaching Programming for Reuse: Generics for Educators - Embassy Ballroom SW S11 CORBA and the Future of Application Development - Embassy Ballroom SW M8 Programming in Ada 95 - South Ballroom A
S8 Process Management and Metrics - Embassy Ballroom NW S12 Using MIL-STD-498 and EIA IS 640/IEEE Std 1498 for Ada Software - South Ballroom A M9 Software Specification and Design with Ada: A Disciplined Approach - Marina 2 M12 Software Engineering: Standards, Principles, Practices, Procedures and Ethics - Marina 2
S9 Conversion to Ada and Ada 95: A Software re-engineering Approach - South Ballroom A S13 Paradigms and Patterns for Using Ada 95 - Embassy Ballroom NW M10 O4S (Objects for Systems): Tailoring MIL-STD-498 for Efficiency - Marina 3 M13 GNAT Internals - Pacific
S10 The GNU Ada 95 Booch - South Ballroom B S14 Information is Power: Current And Future Directions on the World Wide Web - South Ballroom B M11 Object-Oriented System Design: A New Approach to System Engineering Afternoon - Pacific M15 Fresco - the Next Generation of GUI's - Marina 3

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