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here are a wide variety of descriptive terms which can be accurately used to characterize the state of software and the software industry today--chaotic, uncertain, critical, complex, constantly and rapidly changing, ongoing significant growth, etc. The users of software, be they from industry, academia, or government organizations, are also experiencing the same type of turmoil and change that is affecting the software community. One common ground among all sectors of the marketplace is a search for solutions--software solutions that enable people, companies, and organizations to become more effective, more competitive, more productive, and more stable.


The theme for WAdaS ’95 is "Software Solutions." To meet the objectives of this theme, the conference committee has diligently selected, invited, and confirmed some of the best speakers and most widely recognized experts in the world of software. Additionally, software developers with enormous experience in a wide variety of application domains will share their insights and lessons learned. The conference has been deliberately and carefully designed to provide you with ample interactive access to the speakers and experts. The goal is to ensure that each attendee receives valuable information and guidance in pursuing real-world software solutions.


We are doing many new things at WAdaS ’95 that have not been done before at a software conference. For example, an exclusive live-via-satellite television broadcast will take place on Thursday, June 29, 1995, featuring world-class speakers and experts on the topic of object-oriented methods: Grady Booch, internationally recognized author on object-oriented methods, and Chief Scientist at Rational Software Corporation; Ms. Marie Lenzi, Editor-in-Chief of Object Magazine, and a founder of Syrinx Corporation; and Derek Coleman, co-author of Object-Oriented Development: The Fusion Method, and Manager of Application Engineering at Hewlett-Packard. This four-hour broadcast will address the use of object-oriented methods to achieve business objectives, the organizational changes necessary to be successful with OO, and some case studies of real OO projects.


The conference committee has taken great care to produce an agenda that is pertinent to a wide range of technical and management issues. The panel session on Wednesday, by the IEEE/ACM Joint Working Group on Professional Standards and Ethics, is just one example of a session that affects literally everyone in the computer software community—developers and users alike. WAdaS ’95 is truly focused on software solutions.


Although WAdaS ’95 is sponsored by an organization that focuses on the Ada programming language, you will see in the agenda that the vast majority of sessions are not Ada specific. The issues facing the software community are, for the most part, language independent. In many cases, Ada provides a superior solution for the development of modern software systems, but languages are not the focus of WAdaS ’95. Several companies will provide demonstrations of powerful software development environments at the evening hospitality suites, and many of them will include Ada—you are invited to visit and evaluate the products and services being demonstrated.


Finally, WAdaS ’95 has been designed to make learning and networking enjoyable. Special session “prizes” will be awarded at the keynote sessions, the luncheons, and the banquet. In addition to a variety of powerful software tools, the prizes will include Dom Perignon Champagne and gift certificates. The committee’s philosophy is simple: There is no reason why a valuable conference can’t also be enjoyable!

I look forward to seeing you in June at WAdaS ’95. Other than not being eligible for the Dom Perignon (I will be drawing the names of the winners), I expect to enjoy the conference as much as you do!

Best regards,

Ralph E. Crafts, Chairman WAdaS ’95

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