Summer SIGAda Meeting Highlights & Schedule

SIGAda Summer Meeting

The Summer Meeting of SIGAda (the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada), being held in conjunction with the WAdaS ’95 (Monday and Tuesday), is oriented around SIGAda's working groups. SIGAda Working Groups (WGs) meet periodically throughout the year, at SIGAda's TRI-Ada Conference, and at the SIGAda Summer Meeting. During this SIGAda Summer Meeting some of the WGs will be conducting 1 or 2 day Workshops on Monday and Tuesday. Others will conduct less formal birds-of-a-feather Sessions. Everyone is encouraged to get involved! Anyone may contact a WG chair (listed in the front of every Ada LETTERS, SIGAda’s bimonthly publication) to find out more about WG activities. However, below is a brief summary of each WG which will be convening during this meeting.
The following Working Groups are conducting workshops during this meeting:

Artificial Intelligence Working Group (AIWG)

Responds to the issues brought about by the interaction between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ada. It encompasses the use of the Ada language and software engineering approaches to the development of AI Systems to identify specific requirements from the AI community and collect and disseminate information in the subject area. A one day workshop on Tuesday is planned for this meeting.
Ada Semantic Interface Specification Working Group (ASISWG)
Works to develop independent interfaces to Ada program libraries so various analysis tools can be written with more functionality and increased portability between compiler vendors. During this meeting ASISWG will conduct Ada Semantic Interface Specification Workshop on Monday and Tuesday.
Reuse Working Group (REUSEWG)
With various other interested groups, REUSEWG cosponsors the development of guidelines and recommendations (both technical and non technical) to accelerate reuse with Ada. During this meeting REUSEWG will conduct a Reuse Lifecycle Workshop on Monday and Tuesday.
Ada Bindings Working Group (ABWG)
Stimulates member interaction with bindings development efforts and develops and disseminate a general process for more effective approaches for identifying and developing needed bindings.
Commercial Ada Users Group (CAUWG)
Surveys the state of use of Ada outside the "mandated" world, promotes visibility of significant commercial-domain Ada experiences, and supports advancement of effective methods for using Ada in this domain. CAUWG also serves as a forum for discussion and review of language-related features and packages for Information Systems applications.
Education Working Group
Surveys and promotes the use of Ada as the foundation language in academia. Ada courseware contracts to educators and strategies for Ada educators are issues which this working group addresses.
Numerics Working Group (NUMWG)
Has developed proposed standard numeric packages in Ada and has succeeded in taking these to standards making organizations. NUMWG continues to work on these issues with the Ada 95 standard.
Object- Oriented Working Group( OOWG)
Investigates and promotes the field of object-oriented methods as related to Ada. In the past this group has completed a Methodology Demonstration and future directions will be set at this meeting.
Performance Issues Working Group (PIWG)
Has developed and widely distributed benchmark suites for assessing performance of Ada compilers, and is now developing new benchmarks for Ada 95.
Safety and Security Working Group (SSWG)
This new WG address the spectrum of high-reliability software development issues and Ada's specific approaches for solving them.
Software Development Standard and Ada Working Group (SDSAWG)
SDSAWG's objectives are to discover where software development standards block good Ada software development practices and identify and recommend corrections and work-arounds for those blocks. SDSAWG provides a clearinghouse service to make drafts and standards available.
Standards Working Group
SIGAda's liaison to Ada language maintenance activities. This group is quite active now performing this function for the Ada 95 standard.

Summer SIGAda Schedule

Summer SIGAda Meeting Schedule
Sunday, June 25
Monday, June 26
8:30AM-5:00PMREUSEWG, Reuse Life cycle Workshop

ASISWG, Ada Semantic Interface Specification Working Group Workshop

ABWG, Ada BINDINGS Working Group Meeting

2:00PM-5:00PM SIGAda Long Range Planning Meeting

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

5:00PM-7:00PM OOWG, Object-Oriented Working Group

Performance Issues Working Group

Safety and Security Working Group Meeting

6:00PM-9:00PMARTEWG, Ada Run-Time Environment WG
Tuesday, June 27
8:30AM-5:00PMREUSEWG, Reuse Life cycle Workshop

ASISWG, Ada Semantic Interface Specification Working Group Workshop

AIWG, Artificial Intelligence Workshop

ABWG, Ada BINDINGS Working Group Meeting

5:30PM-7:30PM Local SIGAda Representatives Dinner
8:00PM-11:00PMSIGAda Extended Executive Committee Meeting

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

5:00PM-7:30PM Education Working Group Meeting

Standards Working Group Meeting

6:30PM-8:30PMNumerics Working Group
7:30PM-9:30PM Commercial Ada Users Group

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