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Thursday, June 29




Keynote presentation: "Dealing with Uncertainty"
Michael Schrage, Nationally syndicated columnist for the LA Times and an MIT research associate

One common characteristic prevails in the software community today: uncertainty. Software developers, system integrators, and users are all subjected to enormous uncertainties as computer and software technologies continue their rapid evolution and change. New techniques, innovative tools, powerful technologies, and a decreasing supply of critical talent all combine to place every segment of the software community in an unstable, uncertain environment. Mr. Schrage will present his perspective on dealing with such uncertainty. His presentation will include observations on beneficial software development methods, such as prototyping and joint application development (JAD).



Panel session: "Intelligentt Transportation System"
The ITS program (formerly) known as the Intelligent Highway Vehicle System, or IHVS) is one of the largest and most complex technology project ever undertaken. Combining a wide variety of computer hardware and software technologies, the ITS will provide sophisticated improvements and solutions for the rapidly increasing burdens of U.S. transportation systems. Furturistic capabilities, such as automatically guided vehicles, weather-sensing highway surfaces, and complex traffic control systems, are some of the possible benefits of the ITS.


Speaker:Donald Reifer, Chief Ada Joint Program Office
Hal Hart, Chair ACM, SIGAda

The Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) and the ACM Special Interest Group on Ada (SIGAda) will be familiar to those already in the Ada community. AJPO and SIGAda are the major government and professional organizations providing vigorous support for the continued application and growth of the Ada language and software engineering. Mr. Reifer and Mr. Hart will describe how what these organizations do can help your own organization in its quest for better, more reliable, cost effective software development.
Special broadcast session on object-oriented technologies
Grady Booch, internationally recognized expert, noted author, and Chief Scientist at Rational Software Corporation

An exclusive videotaped presentation on the role that object-oriented methods can play in achieving business objectives and organizational goals. Mr. Booch will discuss the convergence of the popular object-oriented methods and how object orientation can be applied effectively to turn software into a strategic competitive "weapon."
Marie Lenzi, Editor-in-Chief, of Object Magazine and a founder of Syrnx Corporation
Ms. Lenzi will offer a perspective that "Objects are not Enough" in making real progress in any organization. Based on her tremendous first-hand experience in the application of object-oriented methods in real business environments, Ms. Lenzi will discuss the substantial changes in management and business processes that are necessary to realize significant benefits in the application of object-oriented methods.



Special broadcast session on object-orientated technologies (continued) Derek Coleman, co-author of Object-Oriented Development: The Fusion Method for and Manager of the Application Engineering Department at Hewlett-Packard Labs
Mr. Coleman will offer a ten-year perspective on the use and evolution of object-oriented methods at HP Labs. Beginning with the early and limited success of small teams working on small projects, Mr. Coleman will present two case studies to illustrate how object-oriented methods have matured to the point where they can be used to address both technical and business risks.
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