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  1. Paradigms and Patterns for Using Ada 95
    Brad Balfour, CACI and Mark Gerhardt, Loral (morning)
  2. Transitioning Your Workforce
    Chris Demery, Fastrak Training, Inc. (morning)
  3. Introduction to CORBA
    Ron Zahavi and John Tisaranni, MITRE (morning)
  4. Microsoft Platform Strategy
    Jim Kramer, Microsoft (Moved to Tuesday Morning)
  5. Real-Time Programming in Ada 95
    David A. Cook and Eugene Bingue, US Air Force (afternoon)
  6. IBM’s Platform Strategy: Second Generation Client/Server Tools (OS/2 Warp)
    Robert LeBlanc, IBM (afternoon)
  7. CORBA and the Future of Application Development: An Overview for the System Integrator
    Bill Beckwith, Objective Interface Systems, Inc. (afternoon)
  8. Economic Analysis for Software Developers
    Chip Raymond, US Army Information Systems Software Center (afternoon)
  9. Choosing the Right Object-Oriented Method
    Edward Colbert, Absolute Software Co., Inc. (full day)
  10. Design of Concurrent Software in Ada
    Bo Sanden, George Mason University (full day)
  11. The World-Wide Web: A Live Demonstration of How to Surf the Net
    Fred Brechbiel and Hamid Samadani, CACI (full day)


  12. CORBA and the Future of Applications Development: An In-Depth Tutorial
    Bill Beckwith, Objective Interface Systems (morning)
  13. From Structured Enterprises to Object Systems
    Huet Landry, Defense Information Systems Agency and Susan Main Hall, CACI (morning)
  14. Fresco -- the Next Generation of GUI's
    Bill Beckwith, Objective Interface Systems(afternoon)
  15. Systematic Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with the Fusion Method
    Derek Coleman, Hewlett-Packard Labs (afternoon)
  16. Applied Object Technology
    Edward Swanstrom, Arthur D. Little (afternoon)
  17. Software Reengineering
    Philip Newcomb, BCS Research and Technology (full day)
  18. Engineering Software Solutions Using Cleanroon
    Ara Kouchakdjian, SET (full day)
  19. Object-Oriented Domain Engineering
    Charles McKay, University of Houston-Clear Lake (full day)

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