Notes from Frank Beard's
Presentation on ObjectAda GUI Builder
on Tuesday, 9 April 2002 at 7:30 P.M.

The presentation is available online at (MS Word - 670 KB).

In addition, the source code for the (Image Viewer Window Ada Code Snippet - 10 KB) discussed in the presentation is available as well.

The code necessary to build the entire Image Viewer application is provided in (Zipped File - 622 KB)

Some additional notes on the zipped file:

  1. ImageViewerProject.RC must be "compiled" with RC.EXE. RC.EXE should be located in the \bin directory. ImageViewerProject.RC references ImageViewerWindow.RC, so they must both be in the same directory.
  2. To compile and run the code correctly, the resulting ImageViewerProject.RES file must then be included in the Aonix ObjectAda project so the menu will show up.
  3. A POSIX Ada binding for Windows is also required. It can be downloaded from Pascal Obry's site at:

If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Frank Beard

updated 23 May 2002