Directions to Room 1N100A/B at MITRE2 in McLean, Virginia


Room 1N100 A/B
The MITRE Corporation
7515 Colshire Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102-7508
(703) 983-6000

map image(mitre2.gif)

Note that I-495 is to the Right; DC is to the left; and North is to the bottom. The map is oriented for best use after one turns onto Colshire Drive.


MITRE2 is on Colshire Drive just inside the I-495 Beltway close to Tysons Corner in McLean, Virginia.

To Get to Colshire Drive From I-495 :

1. Take Exit for Route 123 North;
   (Route 123 = Dolley Madison Boulevard)
2. Go North onto Route 123;
3. Turn right onto Colshire Drive (at second light);
   [Turning left places one on Scotts Xing].

To Get to Colshire Drive From Dulles Access Toll Road:

1. Exit onto Route 123 South, towards Tysons Corner;
2. Bear right onto Route 123 (towards Tysons Corner)
3. Turn left onto Colshire Drive (at first light);
   [Turning right places one on Scotts Xing].

To Get to MITRE 2 Parking Garage from Colshire Drive and Route 123

Once on Colshire Road, MITRE 2 is the building immediately in front of you. A tiny traffic circle is designed to take you to the front of MITRE2 and to MITRE1 (the Hayes Building - on top of the hill). The directions below route you to the parking garage behind the MITRE2 Building. This is a logical left-hand turn at the traffic circle. After the turn, MITRE 2 and the parking garage will be on your right.

4. Take third right off of the small traffic circle;
   (a logical left hand turn);
   (under the walkway between MITRE 2 & 3);
5. Proceed ~ 50 meters; Turn right into parking garage.
6. Visitor Parking is located on Levels 2 and 3
   (the walkway to the lobby is on Parking Level 2)
7. If door is locked, contact Security using phone by door
   (at the entrance to MITRE2 from the Parking Garage)
8. Room 1N100A/B is immediately to your left.Please go in.
   You may need to check in with Security
   at Security desk in lobby (You will need a photo ID)

Please contact Currie Colket if you need additional information on how to get to the meeting location. He can be reached by email at or by phone at (703) 983-7381; Cell is (703) 801-4801.

updated 8 August 2005