Info on the movie Out There

movie iconAda programmer and author Tom Strelich put a plug for the Ada language in the upcoming movie, Out There.

Vital Information

Out There
Sunday, November 19, 1995
8:00 P.M.
Time of the Plug:
About 45 minutes into the movie.

Summary of the the Movie

Description: Mosley, a down-on-his-luck photographer, buys an old Brownie camera at a yard-sale and notices that there is film inside. He develops the film and finds 30 year-old photographic evidence of a UFO landing and the abduction of two hunters by aliens. He teams up with Paige, the daughter of one of the abducted hunters. Together, they embark on a bizarre odyssey that involves flying saucers, accordions, Nixon, musak, underground alien bases, and ultimately reveals what the aliens are really here for.


Bill Campbell, Julie Brown and Rod Steiger

Setup for the Ada Plug

Mosley and Paige seek out Joleen, a trailer-court queen and computer-literate UFO-freak, who maintains an on-line UFO database and BBS. As they wait for a database search to give them a new lead, Paige compliments Joleen on the software...

Script of the Scene

What follows is the text of the Ada plug -- it's a little different in the movie since the actress embellished it a bit!

(Typing at the keyboard)

Ok, almost got the search query ready.

(Continues typing, clicking)

You can't just go to a library and check out Project Blue Book, it wasn't even a real book, just a bunch of classified reports, so the only way to get'm is through the Freedom of Information Act, which means writing letters back and forth to a buncha assholes in Washington. And the only people who have time to do that are UFO freaks living in trailer parks. We've got over ten thousand pages of hyper-text Blue Book documents on-line.

(Last keystroke with a flourish)

There goes the query. There's a lotta network traffic tonight, so this might take a minute.


Quite a system you've got here.


Programmed it myself in the D-O-D approved, MIL-STANDARD-1815A, Ada programming language. It's the only language for serious software engineering. C and C++ are for bed-wetting little hackers and academics.

(Looking out the window)

Somebody's watching us. In that trailer over there.


Yeah, he just moved in. He's an alien. They sent him here to keep tabs on me.

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Quicktime Movie Clip

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