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ASIS 83 -- Documents and Artifacts

ASIS 83 Specification Documents and Software

ASIS, Version 1.1.1

The version of ASIS for Ada 83 is known as ASIS 83. This specification is available in several forms via FTP:

ASIS 83 Test Suite

Many of the vendors who developed ASIS for Ada 83 submitted many of their tests to the general ASIS 83 community. These are available via ftp in the directory asis/v1.1.1/tests/ on the SW-Eng.Falls-Church.Va.US host.

ASIS Program View Layer (ASIS/PVL)

The ASIS Program View Layer (ASIS/PVL) is a set of reusable abstractions built upon ASIS 83. The ASIS/PVL abstractions are "views" of Ada software structure that are commonly used in the static analysis of programs. More is described in the ASIS/PVL README text file. ASIS/PVL is available via FTP:

ASIS 83 Tutorials

There are several tutorials available for ASIS 83. The following are available to the public domain for your use: If you or your organization has an ASIS tutorial and you are interested in making it available to the Ada community, please contact Clyde Roby for more information.

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