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ASIS Rapporteur Group (ASISRG) New Work Item

This ASIS New Work Item has been reviewed by officers of ASISWG/ASISRG and extensively revised at the meeting in June 1995. This is the write-up that should be submitted to SC22 for their meeting in September.

                       PROPOSAL FOR A NEW WORK ITEM

            Date of presentation of proposal:       28 April 1995
            Proposer:                               WG9
            Secretariat:                            SC22 
            ISO/IEC      JTC:                       1

A proposal for a new work item shall be submitted to the secretariat of the 
ISO/IEC joint technical committee concerned, with a copy to the ISO Central 

Presentation of the proposal  -  to be completed by the proposer

Guidelines for proposing and justifying a new work item are given in ISO Guide 
26.  For ease of reference an extract is given overleaf.

Title (subject to be covered and type of standard, e.g. terminology, method of 
test, performance requirements, etc.)

                 Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)

Scope (and field of application)

     Standardize the interface between an Ada environment as defined by ISO/IEC
     8652 (the Ada95 Reference Manual) and tools/applications requiring 
     information from this environment.

Purpose and justification - attach a separate page as annex, if necessary

     The Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) is an interface between an 
     Ada environment as defined by ISO/IEC 8652 (the Ada95 Reference Manual) and
     any tool requiring information from this environment. An Ada environment 
     includes valuable semantic and syntactic information. ASIS is an open and 
     published callable interface which gives CASE tool and application 
     developers access to this information. ASIS has been designed to be 
     independent of underlying Ada environment implementations, thus supporting 
     portability of software engineering tools while relieving tool developers 
     from having to understand the complexities of an Ada environment's 
     proprietary internal representation.

     As an international standard, ASIS will benefit the Information Technology 
     community by facilitating the development of powerful CASE tools that are 
     portable across various Ada environment implementations. An ASIS standard 
     will promote the development of powerful tools for the software engineering
     community by providing access to important semantic and syntactic 
     information otherwise available only through proprietary interfaces. 
     Further, ASIS will benefit the Information Technology community as a 
     valuable resource for application development. The international 
     standardization of ASIS will facilitate the use of this important 
     capability in the development of system software applications.

Programme of work

If the proposed new work item is approved, which of the following document(s)  
is (are) expected to be developed?

     _X_     a single International Standard

     _ _     more than one International Standard (expected number: ____)
     _ _     a multi-part international Standard consisting of ____ parts
     _ _     an addendum or addenda to the following International Standard(s)  
     _ _     a technical report, type   ...........................

Relevant documents to be considered

        1.  ASIS V1.1.1 (provides an interface to Ada libraries as defined by 
            ISO 8652:1987).
        2.  Proposed changes to ASIS V1.1.1 to produce ASIS95.

Cooperation and liaison

     Cooperation will be with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 
     Special Interest Group on Ada (SIGAda), Ada Semantic Interface 
     Specification (ASIS) Working Group (ASISWG). The ASISWG has developed the 
     ASIS interface to the Ada87 program library (ASIS V1.1.1) and is chartered 
     to evolve this interface to support the new ISO/IEC 8652:1995 Ada95 
     standard. WG9 has established the ASIS Rapporteur Group (ASISRG) to achieve
     the standardization goal.  ASISWG and ASISRG will work closely together to 
     achieve their synergistic goals.  The chair of ASISWG and ASISRG is Mr. 
     Currie Colket. The project editors are Mr. Clyde Roby and Mr. Steve Blake.

Preparatory work offered with target date(s)

     SC22/WG9 unanimously voted to pursue the standardization of ASIS as a new 
     work item at their meeting on 28 April 1995. A Committee Draft will be 
     available in November 1995.




Will the services of a maintenance agency or registration authority be required?

                        yes ____        no __X__

        If yes, have you identified a potential candidate:      N/A

        If yes, indicate name:  ........................................... 

   Are there any known requirements for coding?

                        yes ____        no __x__

      If yes, please specify on a separate page:

          Note: the ASIS standard will contain a compilable Ada specification.
          It will not contain an Ada body.

   Does the proposed standard concern known patented items?

                        yes ____        no __x__

      If yes, please provide full information at annex:         N/A

Comments and recommendations of the JTC secretariat - attach a separate page as 
annex, if necessary

   Comments with respect to the proposal in general, and recommendations thereon
   It is proposed to assign this new item to SC


Voting on the proposal

Each P-member of the ISO/IEC joint technical committee has an obligation to vote
within the time limits laid down (normally three months after the date of 

        Date of circulation  _______________

        Closing date for voting _______________

        Signature of the JTC secretary _______________

FORM 3 (ISO/IEC) See overleaf

[note => overleaf defines contents of fill-in-the-blanks above.]

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