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The Patterns WG provides a medium for the exchange of software patterns and the discussion of pattern ideas.
Frameworks, Architectures, Code units, are comprised of patterns: Behavior patterns, Creation patterns, Destruction patterns, Interface patterns, Algorithm patterns, etc. The Patterns WG members discuss the features, benefits, design, drawbacks, and implementation of these patterns.

Officers elected (prior to Tri-Ada '97):
    Ed Colbert: Chair
    Joe Tallet: Secretary

Mail-Lists of interest:
Mostly discusses patterns found within the Design Patterns book.

Dacm-patterns (decoupling & complexity management) list.

"The purpose of this list is to discuss patterns about decoupling systems and managing complexity so that an architecture can be implemented in the context of organizational constraints. Of particular interest are:
- applications of "classic" patterns, like those in "Design Patterns" (aka GOF) to the problem of designing an architecture to facilitate groups working together, and
- new patterns, perhaps combining GOF patterns, to achieve the same goal.

This list is a good place for presenting the first draft of patterns and getting them into shape. Once they are in shape, forward them to for a wider audience."

The Patterns List
"This list is for presenting patterns and for brief discussions of those patterns. The patterns don't have to be polished. In fact, a good way to polish a pattern is to post it to the patterns mailing list and to change it based on the feedback you get."

You can find out about the other lists by looking at the patterns home page .