Tri-Ada '96 Patterns Working Group Meeting Notes

This was the second meeting of the budding working group on patterns. (At Ada Europe '96, a small group met to discuss organizational issues.)


About 20 people attended this meeting (attendance list is avail able separately).

Ideas About What We Should Do:

  1. Document & published
    1. Ada 95 programming idioms
    2. Patterns. Particularly addressing real-time.
  2. Working like ALWIG, i.e., people should bring in patterns for review to m eetings (or submit to include on web-site) and latter we may formalize the de scription for publication.
  3. E-mail discussion group will be open, but unannounced for now.
  4. We'll look at both design- & code-level patterns.


  1. What's a good example of a pattern? We asked everyone to su bmit patterns via E-mail, which we'll post on our web page.
  2. Notation/Representation.


  1. We'll set up a videoconference meetings at 2 sites (East &a mp; West Coast) so people don't have to travel cross-country. What about E urope? Asia? Do we have sufficient interest in either area at this time to s etup transcontinental videoconference?
  2. We'll start out as subgroup of Re-use.
  3. Schedule results/products:
    1. "Programming Pearls" for Ada
    2. Ada Style guide
    3. Ways to use features
    4. Web-based patterns catalog
  4. Ed Colbert ( was voted in as chair of working group
  5. Joe Tallet (, volunteered to be secretary & will take over the web-page management.
  6. Brad Balfour will set up E-mail list on ACM and will send out announcement to all attendees of this meeting.
  7. We'll tentatively plan a meeting in ~2-3 months.