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Important information

Due to the changes in the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) financial management rules by ACM, last April 2024 SIGAda merged into SIGPLAN. Historically, SIGAda began in the early 1980s as a technical committee within ACM SIGPLAN (AdaTEC), and it made sense to return to that status. SIGPLAN is one of the most robust of ACMs SIGs, with thousands of members and over twenty successful conference series. See for more information on SIGPLAN.

In the context of this merge, a technical committee within SIGPLAN will be set-up, widening the mission to cover the more general area of High Integrity Languages and Technologies (HILT), consistent with the series of HILT conferences and workshops sponsored by SIGAda over the past decade.

Existing ACM SIGAda memberships were automatically converted to SIGPLAN memberships for the remainder of their term. Ada Letters concluded its print version with the December 23rd issue. It will continue electronically following that and will be available to all SIGPLAN members.

A page for the technical committee will be set up within SIGPLAN website. The SIGAda website will continue to be available, while contents are being migrated to SIGPLAN.



Events Organized in Cooperation with ACM SIGAda

28th Ada-Europe International Conference
on Reliable Software Technologies

(AeIC 2024)
Ada Europe Logo

ACM SIGAda Annual International Workshop

High Integrity Language Technology

HILT 2022

For its 2022 edition, HILT was a workshop of the 37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE'2022.
The workshop was held October 14th 2022.

More information in the HILT 2022 page

"Powered by Ada" Super-Success Stories

Rosetta “Comet Chaser”

Fully Successful CubeSat

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Ada Letters

(SIGAda's bi-annual publication)

Available at ACM's Digital Library

Purchase SIGAda Proceedings at ACM's e-store

Winners of 2022 SIGAda Awards

SIGAda is pleased to announce the following SIGAda awards for 2022.

Winner of
2022 Robert Dewar Award for
Outstanding Ada Community Contributions

Fabien Chouteau

Fabien Chouteau has been the lead of AdaCore's Ada Community outreach activities for many years. He has been the energy behind the "Make With Ada" and "Crate of the Year" contests, and has invigorated the Ada hobbyist market by encouraging support of amateur Ada champions, fostering the development of the excellent Alire package manager for Ada, and working to move all AdaCore libraries from GPL to a more permissive ("Apache 2.0") license.

Winner of
2022 ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award

Luis Miguel Pinho

Luis Miguel Pinho (PhD SMIEEE SMACM) is a Professor and Researcher in the Computer Engineering Department of the Polytechnic of Porto - School of Engineering (ISEP), in Portugal. Miguel is the current editor of Ada Letters and serves as the SIGAda Secretary-Treasurer. He was a member of the Research Center in Real-Time and Embedded Computing Systems, and Executive Director of the Porto Research, Technology & Innovation Center. He served as General Chair and Program Co-Chair of Ada-Europe 2006 and General Co-Chair of ARCS 2015, was a Keynote Speaker at RTCSA 2010 and Program Co-Chair of Ada-Europe 2012, Ada-Europe 2016 and RTNS 2016. He was Editor-in-Chief of the Ada User Journal, and is a member of the HiPEAC network of excellence.

ACM SIGAda is the Special Interest Group on Ada, a part of ACM. SIGAda is a powerful resource for the software community's ongoing understanding of the scientific, technical and organizational aspects of the Ada language's use, standardization, environments and implementations.

This home page is maintained by the current SIGAda Secretary-Treasurer, Luis Miguel Pinho, with the assistance of the SIGAda working groups on their pages. Comments, suggestions or questions can be addressed to: Treasurer_SIGAda at ACM.Org

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Last Update: 21 June 2024