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ACM SIGAda Annual International Workshop

High Integrity Language Technology

HILT 2022

For its 2022 edition, HILT will be a workshop of the 37th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE'2022.
The workshop will be held October 14th 2022.

More information in the HILT 2022 page


Events Organized in Cooperation with ACM SIGAda

26th Ada-Europe International Conference
on Reliable Software Technologies

(AeIC 2022)
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Rosetta “Comet Chaser”

Fully Successful CubeSat

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Ada Letters

(SIGAda's bi-annual publication)

Available at ACM's Digital Library

Purchase SIGAda Proceedings at ACM's e-store

Winners of 2020 SIGAda Awards

SIGAda is pleased to announce the following SIGAda awards for 2020.

Winners of
2020 Robert Dewar Award for
Outstanding Ada Community Contributions

Randy Brukardt: RR Software, Steve Baird: AdaCore, Jeff Cousins: Retired (UK)
(Ada 202X standard)

Steve and Jeff as leaders of the Ada Rapporteur Group, and Randy as the Editor of the Ada standard, shepherded the 202X revision of the Ada standard to (near) completion through nearly a decade of challenging, exacting, and in some cases controversial efforts.

Full support for lightweight parallelism, along with first class support for user-defined data structures with user-defined literals, Image attributes, aggregates, parallel iterators, and other capabilities, and improved specification capabilities for pre/postconditions, global variable usage, and the potential for blocking, have maintained Ada's position as a preeminent, safe, secure, high performance, and high productivity language for the most critical software-intensive systems.

Winner of
2020 ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award

S. Tucker Taft - AdaCore

Apart from being heavily involved with the Ada programming language and its evolution since decades, S. Tucker Taft (Tuck) has been very active in ACM SIGAda for many, many years. Initially as presenter of papers and tutorials at SIGAda conferences; since 2013 also as one of the elected officers in SIGAda's Executive Committee, in the function of Vice Chair, earlier called Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences.

Since 2012, Tuck has been the main driving force in establishing the HILT series of events focusing on "High Integrity Language Technology". First the 2012 and 2013 HILT conferences in Boston and Pittsburgh, resp., as the continuation of SIGAda's annual international conferences. Later the biennial 2014, 2016, and 2018 HILT workshops in Portland, Pittsburgh, and Boston, resp., co-located with major events such as SPLASH and ESWEEK. Even now, in these strange COVID times, Tuck is organizer of the 2020 online HILT workshop, virtually co-located with SPLASH 2020.

For his role in and service to SIGAda, and for his tireless efforts to create and organize the HILT series of events and make them visible to a wider audience, Tuck deserves to be recognized, and thus is a prime candidate for ACM SIGAda's Distinguished Service Award. Long overdue!

ACM SIGAda is the Special Interest Group on Ada, a part of ACM. SIGAda is a powerful resource for the software community's ongoing understanding of the scientific, technical and organizational aspects of the Ada language's use, standardization, environments and implementations.

This home page is maintained by the current SIGAda Secretary-Treasurer, Luis Miguel Pinho, with the assistance of the SIGAda working groups on their pages. Comments, suggestions or questions can be addressed to: Treasurer_SIGAda at ACM.Org

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Last Update: 13 october 2021