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ASIS Implementations


  • Ada Core Technologies
  • Aonix
  • DDC-I, Inc.
  • OC Systems, Inc.
  • Rational Software Corporation
  • TenDRA Project

  • Ada Core Technologies


    ASIS-for-GNAT, originally developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in cooperation with Moscow State University, a free software (as defined by the GNU Public License) implementation of the ASIS interface for the GNAT Ada 95 compiler, is now maintained by Ada Core Technologies (ACT).

    Ada Core Technologies is now offering full commercial support for ASIS-for-GNAT. This support includes advice on how to best use ASIS to build specific tools. In addition, we can create customized tools where needed.

    The implementation efforts are based on the latest available drafts for ASIS for Ada 95. ASIS-for-GNAT should support all ASIS 95 queries.

    For further information, contact: Sergey Rybin or Vasiliy Fofanov of Moscow State University:

    For more information about ASIS-for-GNAT, please send email to sales@gnat.com.


    ASIS is Available from Aonix

    The first release of ASIS 2.0.Q (Ada Semantic Interface Specification) is available for ObjectAda Windows V7.1.2 customers at no charge.

    If you would like to receive this ASIS implementation, send the following information to Steve Blake (SBlake@Aonix.Com, Phone: +1 619-457-2700 x272).


    You will receive simple instructions to download and install ASIS for ObjectAda Windows.

    An ASIS release for ObjectAda Sparc V7.1.1 will be available soon.

    TRIAD System supports ASIS

    ASIS version 1.1 implementations are provided for SPARC host AdaWorld and RISCAda Compilation Environments.

    For more information, contact: Aonix, 10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92121, USA; Tel: (619)457-2700; FAX: (619)452-2117; Email: Marketing@Aonix.Com WWW:http://www.aonix.com/

    DDC-I, Inc.

    ASIS 95 Implementation

    DDC-I has developed a full ASIS 95 implementation (to ASIS version 2.0.E). This product was successfully demonstrated at Tri-Ada'96 with a browser tool. Of interest, this tool was developed using ASIS in less than a week.

    OC Systems, Inc.

    OC Systems sells ASIS level 1.0 bindings compatible with its LegacyAda (Ada 83) product line. Analysis tools using these ASIS bindings are included as part of OC Systems OATS product.

    For more information, contact: OC Systems, Inc., 9990 Lee Highway, Suite 270, Fairfax, VA 22030-1720; Tel: (703)359-8160; Email: Info@OCSystems.Com; WWW:http://www.ocsystems.com/

    Rational Software Corporation

    Rational Apex provides an Ada binding to ASIS

    Rational Apex is an integrated, interactive software engineering environment for total lifecycle control of Ada projects. It controls large scale development efforts while lowering project risk. It supports design, development, unit test, maintenance, verification, documentation generation, configuration management and version control. It also supports integration with external front-end CASE tools and external target compilers. In addition, the Rational Environment enables teams of developers to reduce development time by providing syntactic and semantic assistance, incremental compilation, and automation of system builds and releases. The Environment's support of industry standard protocols simplifies integration with new or existing project support environments. Host/Target: IBM RS/6000 under AIX and Sun SPARC under SunOS as host; targets any third party platform and operating system.

    Rational also offers a partial implementation of ASIS 1.1.1 for VADS products (Asis_Data_Decomposition, Asis_Portable_Transfer and most of Asis_Text are currently unimplemented).

    For more information, contact: Benjamin R. Priest, Marketing Manager, Rational Software Corporation, USA; Phone: (503) 690-1116 ext. 6703; Email: brp@rational.com. WWW:http://www.rational.com/

    The TenDRA Project

    Gela ASIS

    Gela ASIS is platform/compiler independent implementation of ASIS.

    For more information, contact: Maxim Reznik Email: reznikmm@gmail.com. WWW:http://www.ten15.org/wiki/gela_asis/

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