JSIS: Java Semantic Interface Specification

JSIS is the Semantic Interface Specification for JavaTM technology, a de-facto standard Java API that extends capabilities of a Java Parser, Java Reflection, and a compilation unit manager in one simple package. The JSIS API provides well defined primitive functionality covering the Java syntax and semantics. Secondary queries layered on top of JSIS provide services for tools in any problem domain.

Written in Java, JSIS is "write once, run anywhere". It seamlessly supports Java 1.2, 1.3.x, and 1.4.

JSIS combines the semantic capability of Reflection with the syntactic parsing capability of a compiler. The synergistic result is a simple and easy to use API that offers more semantic functionality than Reflection and more element classification and syntactic source location information than a Java parser. Using JSIS, Java programmers can create high quality semantically aware source code analysis and inspection tools for use on their own projects or to promote for commercial sale and profit.

JSIS comes with examples, application tools, source code and documentation. The JSIS Professional ToolSmith Version is just $49. A JSIS Commercial Resale Version is also available.

Get JSIS at http://www.jsistools.com/