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Fairfax, Virginia
October 24-28, 2010
Sponsored by ACM SIGAda

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Focused workshops are important in evolving software development technologies to better meet the needs of the Ada community, particularly regarding Reliable and Secure Systems. Workshops are free for those registered for the conference.

  • Workshop on Software Security: "Find the Vulnerability", Stephen Michell
    Wednesday, October 27, 2:00 - 3:30 PM

    The first part is an introduction leading to a "find the vulnerability" in sample code, using examples from C, C++, scripting languages, and a few Ada examples.

    The second part is a panel discussion. Panelists include Sean Barnum (MITRE, ex Cigital, author) and possibly Jim Moore or John Benito (WG23). Other possible panelists include Robert Seacord from CERT and, representing Ada, either Erhard Ploedereder or Stephen (if Stephen chairs the panel, it would need to be someone else).

  • Workshop: Developing a Profile for Using Object Oriented Ada in High-Integrity Systems, Jean-Pierre Rosen
    Wednesday, October 26, Evening

    Attendees should submit a position paper with the restrictions that they think would be useful in the profile. Stakeholders would include people involved in safety critical software (expecially the WG9 HRG) as well as compiler vendors. People interested in OOP but not familiar with safety critical software (or conversely, people familiar with safety critical software but not with OOP in this context) would be invited to attend the tutorial first.

    One or maybe two evening sessions would be necessary to discuss and outline the restrictions that would go into the profile. At the end of the conference, a slot could be reserved to present the results of the workshop (summary of issues and proposed restrictions).

    After the conference, each participant whose proposal was accepted would be in charge of wording the corresponding part of the document, to be consolidated in a final proposal. It might be too late to include the proposal in Ada 2012, but it could be submitted as a Technical Report to WG9.

  • Workshop on ParaSail: Parallel Specification and Implementation Language, Tucker Taft
    Wednesday, October 26, Evening

    This workshop will be focused on ParaSail, a new language being designed for safetycritical and high-security systems in a multi-core world, where safety, security, parallelism, and correctness are paramount. The workshop will include an introduction to the ParaSail language in its current form, hands-on use of an initial ParaSail interpreter to write simple sample programs, and then a chance to provide feedback on the language, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, and help guide it towards its final form for more widespread use.

    Prerequisites: Familiarity with Ada, SPARK, or other languages used for mission-critical systems development, a reading familiarity with BNF or other language-description notations such as that used by YACC. Familiarity with the notion of preconditions and postconditions, and/or other formal approaches to achieving program correctness. The workshop will be led by Tucker Taft, chief architect of Ada 95, and an active member of the Ada Rapporteur Group, the ISO group responsible for the continuing evolution of the Ada language standard.

  • Birds of a Feather: GNAT, Greg Gicca
    Wednesday, October 27, Evening

Additional workshops or Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions are welcome. SIGAda workshops have a focused objective and result in a report to be published in Ada Letters. BoFs are informal discussion groups. If you would like to propose a Workshop or BoF, please contact the Workshops Chair, Bill Thomas, (BThomas at MITRE.Org).

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