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Monday Tutorials

              Morning Session                               Afternoon Session
Corba, Orbix, & Ada95 Interoperability        Information Systems Programming in Ada95   
TBD                                           Introduction to Ada95                       
TBD                                           TBD                                        
None                                          None

                                   Full Day Sessions
          Web Technology for Conducting your Business
          Rational Iterative Development Process and MIL-STD-498
          Simply Ada                               

Tuesday Tutorials

              Morning Session                               Afternoon Session
Artificial Intelligence with Ada               Writing JAVA(tm) - Compatible Applets in Ada95
Object Oriented Enterprise Modeling            Rational Unified Method                      
TBD                                            TBD                                         
None                                           None

                                   Full Day Sessions
          Example of OOA, OOD, OOP using Booch & Ada95  
          Managing Object Technology Projects       
          Design of Concurrent Software in Ada95    

Rate Schedule

                                     Before June 28               June 28

Full Conference Rate (includes all four days)

  1. ACM or SIGAda Member            $495.00                       $545.00
  2. Non-ACM                         $545.00                       $595.00

Single Day Registration

  1. ACM or SIGAda Member            $195.00                       $215.00
  2. Non-ACM                         $215.00                       $235.00

Please select one or two of the following. Prices reflect the early registration discount.

Full Conference ($495/$545)
Monday Tutorials ($195/$215)
Tuesday Tutorials ($195/$215)
Wednesday Conference ($195/$215)
Thursday Conference ($195/$215)

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