Washington Ada Symposium '96

Delivering Quality for Those Who Demand Quality

Please join us at the Washington Ada Symposium, July 22-25, 1996. The symposium is being held at the McLean Hilton, in McLean, Virgina - right off the Washington, DC beltway.

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Since its inception in 1984, WAdaS has gained a reputation as an important conference in software engineering technology and related management issues. WAdaS provides tutorials for the novice and those wishing to expand their knowledge. It also provides a forum for researchers to present their work to eager practitioners learning about promising new technologies.

The conference also provides a forum for experienced software developers and managers to exchange information and experience on latest technologies and lessons learned. The conference also provides space for vendors and organizations to demonstrate and exhibit related products or services.

WAdaS runs for four days - two days of solid tutorials & workshops followed by two days of conference sessions. Come learn from some of the leading experts of the software engineering community as they focus on Quality and Ada from these perspecitves - developer, manager, & customer.

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