Program for Thursday, 11 October 2001

Our Next Meeting is scheduled for
Thursday, 11 October 2001
Local Attendees of SIGAda 2001 will be speaking on
Highlights of SIGAda 2001
at Lockheed Martin in Rockville, Maryland
An excellent opportunity for those who did not go to the conference to hear about the key happenings!

This will be a joint meeting between the DC and Baltimore SIGAda Chapters


To Members and Friends of DC SIGAda

Next Meeting:

Thursday, 11 October 2001, 7:30 P.M. (Refreshments and Social at 7:00 P.M.)
At the Lockheed Martin Corporation in Rockville, Maryland
DC SIGAda and Baltimore SIGAda will feature a presentation titled
Highlights of SIGAda 2001

Abstract: Highlights of SIGAda 2001

The SIGAda 2001 Conference is the annual International Ada Conference, sponsored by ACM SIGAda. It was held at Bloomington, Minnesota, from 30 September to 4 October 2001.

The conference contained much relevant information on the software engineering of real-time and distributed systems useful to those building such systems. The highlights on Thursday night will include the Welcome to SIGAda 2001, presented by Currie Colket. This welcome includes the infamous section on How Not To Do Systems Engineering which was well received. This presentation will compress a week's worth of knowledge into a valuable packet so you can take advantage of the technical work presented at the conference without your actually attended the conference. Of particular interest to you might be a summary on the Panel Session on the proposed amendment to ISO/IEC 8652: The Ada Programming Language, which many people are calling Ada 05.

For more details, see the SIGAda 2001 Conference Home Page at: http://www.acm.org/sigada/conf/sigada2001


We are fortunate to have a number of conference attendees in the local area, including several presenters. Each will present their highlights from a portion of the SIGAda 2001.


Lockheed Martin Corporation
9211 Corporate Boulevard
Rockville, Maryland 20874

From all points: Get to I-270 West from the I-495 Beltway,
  1. Take I-270 West to Shady Grove Exit;
  2. Turn left at light;
  3. Turn right on Corporate Drive (at light);
  4. Turn right at end of access road (can only turn left or right);
  5. Go to end of driveway.
  6. The building for the meeting is on the right, opposite the open courtyard area. It is building #9211, as marked. Parking lots are on the left and right.
  7. Enter main lobby. Stop at guard desk to check in.
Also, to obtain a map of the location, visit Mapquest, select Driving Directions for the destination address: "9211 Corporate Drive, Rockville, Md."

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We will have light foods and refreshment at 7:00. The meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

Many thanks to all earlier participants, contributors, speakers, advisors, and friends, who are involved in helping to produce and attend the meetings.

Please forward this message to people who might be interested in attending. We welcome all new members as our attendance and interests grow.

Consider registering for inclusion on our e-mail list. Registration instructions are provided on the DC SIGAda Web site.

Jeff Castellow, Chair, DC SIGAda

updated 7 October 2001