Program for Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Our Next Joint Meeting with the Baltimore SIGAda Chapter
is scheduled for
Tuesday, 14 September 2004 at 7:30 P.M.

There will be a Screening of the Film
To Dream Tomorrow
The story of Ada Bryon Lovelace, the World's First Programmer

at the Baltimore SIGAda Venue
(Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland)


To Members and Friends of DC SIGAda

Next Meeting:

Our Next Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 14 September 2004, as a Joint Meeting of the Baltimore and DC SIGAda Chapters. There will be a Screening of the Film "To Dream Tomorrow", the story of Ada Bryon Lovelace, the World's First Programmer and the namesake for the Ada Programming Language

The screening will start at 7:30 P.M. (Refreshments and Social at 7:00 P.M.) at the Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland

Munchies and soft drinks will be served at 7:00 PM, the general meeting will start at 7:30 PM, followed by the program.


To Dream Tomorrow, the newest of Flare's Women of Power documentary films, is the story of Ada Byron Lovelace, her work with Charles Babbage, and their contributions to computing over a hundred years before the time usually thought to be the start of the Computer Age. Daughter of a mathematically gifted, social activist mother and the "mad, bad and dangerous to know" poet, Lord Byron, Ada's life was unconventional, daring, and short. Possessed of enormous energy and talent, she faced some daunting obstacles -- both in her personal life and the society of her time -- as she fought to work professionally and make a contribution to science and mathematics.

Ada was just 17 when she met Babbage and became intrigued by the workings of a mechanical calculator he had designed. Though as a woman she was barred from universities and scientific libraries, Ada continued her mathematical studies, encouraged by Babbage, who brought her into contact with leading scientists of the day. These included the famous science writer, Mary Somerville; Michael Faraday, Isabard Kingdom Brunel, and Charles Wheatstone. The group discussed with Babbage his idea of the "Analytical Engine," a powerful new calculator he was designing to have a central processor --the "Mill" --divided from the "Store" where data would be kept. It could be programmed to perform any calculation.

Would the government fund such a huge and costly machine? And, if this general-purpose computing machine were built, would it work? a distracted and embattled Prime Minister rejected Babbage's request for further funding, claiming that a computing machine would be "worthless as far as science is concerned." To help garner support to build the Analytical Engine, Ada sprang into action to describe how such a machine would function. In the Notes, published when she was 27, she went even beyond her famous contemporaries in articulating the concept of symbolic manipulation that would lead beyond number-crunching to applications that are only now, in our own time, beginning to be fully realized.

Please see http://www.mith.umd.edu/flare/lovelace/ for more information by the producers of the film.

This film received the ****Best of Festival Award for Documentary at the 10th Annual Berkeley Video & Film Festival for 2003.

This is a film you will find to be extremely enjoyable regardless of any computer background; Spouses are encouraged to attend. The movie is 52 minutes.

FYI, SIGAda has purchased a DVD and the rights to screen the film at SIGAda sponsored events. If you are interested in hosting such a SIGAda event, please contact. Mr. Currie Colket at (703) 883-7381.

Directions From Washington, DC

From the Capital Beltway (I-495),
1. Take the I-95 North exit;
2. Exit onto MD Route 32 West, at the Columbia exit (~ 10 miles);
3. Left onto U.S. Route 29 South at light (~ 2.5 miles)
4. Right onto Johns Hopkins Rd at light to go WEST (~ 1.5 miles) (There is now a new style dual-traffic circle overpass/interchange, which replaced the traffic light at this intersection. - Those travelling North on 29 from Silver Spring will be turning Right onto Johns Hopkins Road in order to make a logical Left turn to go WEST)
5. APL is located to the right, just past the service station;
6. Turn right at the sign: "Building 1 Visitor Parking";
7. Use Building 1 entrance near the flag-pole; The meeting is in the cafeteria.

Detailed Directions and Maps are available at: http://www.acm.org/sigada/locals/dc/Directions_JHU_APL.html

Slides From Alfred Kromholz's Presentation Available:

At the DC SIGAda meeting on 13 May 2004, Dr. Alfred Kromholz of MITRE gave an excellent presentation titled: Mapping Software Assurance to the Software Engineering Process. Slides from his presentation are available online as a PPS Presentation at http://www.acm.org/sigada/locals/dc/20040513_Alfred_Kromholz.pps (ppt, 331KB).

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Jeff Castellow, Chair, DC SIGAda

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updated 12 September 2004