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When you submit comments on Version 1.0 of the IRAC, please send them by electronic mail to either of the following addresses:
If you do not have access to an electronic network, please send the comments by postal mail to:
Clyde Roby
Institute for Defense Analyses
1801 North Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311-1772 USA
When you submit comments by postal mail, it will assist us if you also include them on either 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 inch double-sided diskettes formatted for MS-DOS. Even if you send your comments in this form, please send a paper copy, in case we have problems reading the diskette. We prefer regular ASCII character format, but we also have the ability to read major word processor formats.

To assist us in the processing of your comments, please include the following header in each comment:

! NAME ...
! DATE ...
! TOPIC ...

The NAME line contains your name or affiliation (or both).

The DATE line includes the date of your comment. It should be in ISO standard form (year-month-day), for example, 4 July 1992 is 92-07-04.

The SECTION or REQUIREMENT line should include the IRAC Section number or Requirement number to which your comment applies, even if your comment applies to the rationale for a particular Section or Requirement. To help identify it better, this line can also include the Name and/or Page Number.

The TOPIC line should contain a one-line summary of the comment. This line is essential. You are kindly requested to avoid topics such as "Typo" or "Editorial Comment" which do not convey any useful information when printed in a Table of Contents.

The lines following the COMMENT line contain your request for a change, an addition, a deletion, or anything else about the Section or Requirement or its rationale. This can be as long or as short as necessary. When you make suggested wording changes or additions, please be as specific as possible.

The lines following the RATIONALE line explain why the suggested change(s) (if any is requested) should be made. Please be as clear and concise as possible.

A sample comment is shown below for illustration.

! NAME A. Reviewer, ABC Inc.
! DATE 92-08-11
! REQUIREMENT 4.1D Context Sensitive Interpretation of Relationships
! TOPIC Relationships involving shared components

The accompanying diagram does not help to clearly describe relationships involving shared components. Either replace the diagram or add more descriptive narrative to support it.


A diagram should help to clearly describe the concept presented, particularly one that may be difficult to comprehend.