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High Integrity Language Technology
ACM SIGAda’s Annual International Conference

From Ada9X to Spaceport America: Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Christine Anderson


Ada 95, aka Ada9X at the time because we didn't know when we would be done, was a labor of love for most of us. A spectacular team was assembled from all over the world. I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being the Department of Defense Ada 9X Project Manager. The lessons I learned and the experience I gained allowed me to do many other things after Ada 95 was completed. I ran an Air Force space technology laboratory. I was responsible for building military satellites and launching them from the Cape. Currently, I am responsible for developing and operating the first purpose-built commercial spaceport. Looking back, the common thread through all of these endeavors is innovation, dedication, strong team work, and a passion for the job at hand. That can do spirit and boundless energy is a must for success and I have been fortunate to work on unprecedented projects with colleagues who possessed these qualities. Anecdotes from the Ada9X Project to today's emerging commercial space industry will be provided from my experiences and observations.

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